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Well originally I was totally against R-Zone believing it to be a useless console. After buying my first complete NOS R-Zone XPG with Jedi Adventure… I decided to buy a loose console to try it out because online reviews can’t show what it’s actually like.

After much deciding over the last couple weeks, I have now bought 3 head units (because its cheaper to collect games with consoles) and the NOS XPG.

I now own the following R-Zone games:

Star Wars Jedi Adventure (NOS, so I have no opinion on the game)
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Challenge (Quite fun, has a Vectrex-like feel)
Battle Arena Toshinden (hard to play because I don’t have a manual, nor is there one for download)
Primal Rage (Actually pretty cool once you learn the special combo moves)
Batman Forever (Very close to your average Tiger handheld, which is a good thing… Classic)
Indy 500 (Also feels Vectrex-like, standard racing game)

Overall, it’s actually surprisingly good; but difficult to collect for because its obscure.

I spent around $80 for it all, which isn’t bad but now I have 2 extra head units, which I guess friends could use for play?

I was also able to download a console manual, the Batman Forever manual, Indy 500 manual and Primal Rage manual. The other games sadly do not have them available because they are slightly rarer.

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I wanted to make sure it got posted into this thread, seeing as this tends to be the most-official source of what-is, and what-isn’t of Tiger R-Zone games. I found these 5 pre-release renders somewhere on the Internet, and had them stored on my machine for the last few years.

I figured I’d better post them here, before they’re lost forever…

I wish I knew more about them…

Neat! Some to add to the “unconfirmed” list. I did a reverse-image search and found https://www.reddit.com/r/TigerElectronics/ …which appears to be a subreddit made by some guy only to try and find people to sell him their Tiger electronics, with posts for all of those renders. Unfortunately no info on where the images came from.

Got my second one today! Probably the only photo you’ll (ever) find with two The mask of Zorro pack-ins 🙂

Doing some quick research I saw that a few were looking for proof of VR Troopers on R-Zone. I did a YouTube video recently showing my small collection. VR-Troopers is one of the games shown. both cart + gameplay.

Nice video, great to see proof and gameplay of VR troopers!!!

Does anyone have Tiger R-Zone games for sale or
The Super screen attachments ?

Wow, I am happy to see that this thread still thrives and yes it’s definitely the most accurate area for information about R-Zone.

Duplicate sorry — page is taking forever to load and post, server issues?

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As am I. I would still like to find more of the games and not resort to ebay, we know how people behave on there where there’s reality and what something is actually worth. :\

I’ve got 9 games for mine, would like to add more. It’s hard to really find a definitive list of these I think at times. What I do have are batman & robin, battle arena toshinden, daytona usa, indy 500, mortal kombat trilogy, panzer dragoon, star wars jedi adventure, star wars millennium falcon challenge, and star wars rebel forces.

I kind of find myself often unsure what I’m realistically missing. I know some are just not happening because some people have more money than sense so without a huge stroke of luck a few are just unobtainable. I’d think things like Nights, Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter, Batman Forever, MK3 and Primal Rage would be more doable than say like Apollo 13 or Jurassic Park unfortunately. I do NOT want new that’s deranged collector pricing, just the game and hopefully the little clear sleeve at most which I figure is reasonable.

If someone were to reply to this, probably should quote or PM me as I get notices for messages.

Long time no post! I am trying to capture R-Zone games as they should be experienced in red in a mirror. So far here are some efforts.

The extremely rare and decent run and gun shooter Men in Black:

The common but excellent “scaler” shooter Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Challenge:

The uncommon and decent lightgun game Star Wars: Rebel Forces:

I am trying to improve my technique, using heavier tables and bean bags under the console when I play it to minimize shaking, but so far it’s not going great. The biggest problem is that if I have the camera in the best place to see the screen, I can’t see it while playing. Of course I could also play them on the Super Screen, and I will do so, but showing them in full red-lit glory is more fun.

Has anybody done this? How did it work out? Would you consider trying it? It would be wonderful to see things I will likely never own like Judge Dredd and Football in action. I recently got a copy of The Mask of Zorro so I am looking forward to posting footage of that.

some of the games on your lost are available as new old stock from Greece for pretty cheap.

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I like the efforts your are putting forth, it’s nice to demo R-Zone for people.

New arrival 😉
I plan on keeping this grail but would definitely entertain very serious offers. Packaging is opened along two edges, original R-Zone Football instructions are included. I believe this is the only example of packaging that’s ever surfaced which is pretty cool for this mythical title. How many loose copies have ever surfaced of this game before, one?

There already was a picture on the The Video Game Kraken Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/451508825233265/permalink/1457782697939201/


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