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Well originally I was totally against R-Zone believing it to be a useless console. After buying my first complete NOS R-Zone XPG with Jedi Adventure… I decided to buy a loose console to try it out because online reviews can’t show what it’s actually like.

After much deciding over the last couple weeks, I have now bought 3 head units (because its cheaper to collect games with consoles) and the NOS XPG.

I now own the following R-Zone games:

Star Wars Jedi Adventure (NOS, so I have no opinion on the game)
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Challenge (Quite fun, has a Vectrex-like feel)
Battle Arena Toshinden (hard to play because I don’t have a manual, nor is there one for download)
Primal Rage (Actually pretty cool once you learn the special combo moves)
Batman Forever (Very close to your average Tiger handheld, which is a good thing… Classic)
Indy 500 (Also feels Vectrex-like, standard racing game)

Overall, it’s actually surprisingly good; but difficult to collect for because its obscure.

I spent around $80 for it all, which isn’t bad but now I have 2 extra head units, which I guess friends could use for play?

I was also able to download a console manual, the Batman Forever manual, Indy 500 manual and Primal Rage manual. The other games sadly do not have them available because they are slightly rarer.

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It would be nice to get a good one. What is the rarest game? What would it cost?

That’s the rarest “Mask of Zorro”, on eBay uk it sells for almost $200 because it was the last game and most were pulled from the shelves so Tiger could focus on the new system “Game com.”

Thanks for the info and pictures. Seems pretty rare. I still dont know what game it comes with. Doubt its that one. I guess it will be a suprise. Thats cool.

Confirmed Games List:

Apollo 13 (Extremely Rare)
Area 51 (Very Rare)
Batman Forever (Scarse)
Batman & Robin (Very Common)
Battle Arena Toshinden (Common)
Daytona USA (Very Common)
Independence Day (Extremely Rare)
Indy 500 (Scarce)
Jurassic Park: The Lost World (Very Rare)
Mask of Zorro (Beyond Insanely Rare)
Mortal Kombat 3 (Very Rare)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Very Rare)
Nights into Dreams (Very Rare)
Panzer Dragoon (Very Rare)
Primal Rage (Scarce)
Road Rash 3 (Extremely Rare)
Star Wars: Imperial Assault (Scarce)
Star Wars: Jedi Adventure (Common)
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Challenge (Scarce)
Star Wars: Rebel Forces (Very Rare)
Virtua Cop (Rare)
Virtua Fighter (Scarce)
Virtua Fighter 2 (Very Rare)

Unfortunately most games are scarce or rare as most buyers never went beyond playing the pack-in game.

Rumored/Unconfirmed Games:

Judge Dredd
Men in Black
Road Rash
Star Trek
VR Troopers

Your list is mostly accurate. I can say though that I do own a lose Men in Black on the R-Zone and have seen a lose VR Troopers for the system, so both of those games do in fact exist.

I would like to see pictures of “Men in Black” and hopefully of “VR Troopers” sometime as well.
On the awesome side I just got a NOS copy of Area 51! 🙂

Well damn. Apparently the Tiger R Zone I won on ebay was already sold. Somehow it got relisted. That sucks. I was excited. I am getting a refund. Really sucks. I was truly excited. I still want one.

That’s ridiculous, I’d be rather upset with the seller. The worst part is collecting R-Zone has gotten rather trendy in the video game world, so it’s getting harder and harder to win good consoles and games. :/

Nobody else bid on it. I won the auction for19.99. I hope the seller didnt just cancel because he wanted more money. He said he is somewhat new to ebay. It is still a learning process.

I’d hope a seller wouldn’t be that dishonest, if so then that’s really saddening.

It seemed like an honest mistake. These things happen. Some day perhaps I will pick one up.

Good and yes, it’s getting a lot harder to actually find a good functioning one for a decent price.
I see a lot of broken ones that are missing the reflector mirror and/or battery cover… The ones missing the mirror are almost useless unless you have a fried one that is useful for spare parts.

That is a shame, I hope you manage to get one eventually vbsteffel, but as dreammary says they are getting harder to find.
I was lucky when I got mine, I paid £8.50 for it with 3 games. Although it was DOA, but with a little tlc (and soldering) I did get it going.

I have suspicions towards many of them ending up in the trash by parents tossing the “toys” of their children. They may be actually rarer then I ever assumed previously.

You could well be right. I have seen a few new old stock on ebay but they are very expensive.

Yes and it frustrates me as I always wanted to buy a sealed head unit to display next to my sealed XPG. I actually really like collecting R Zone but it’s getting really really difficult as supplies have really gotten Scarse.

I found evidence of VR Troopers, but still others are unconfirmed as of yet.


Just got to find the cart now. Nice find.

I wish I could buy a copy; there are so many games but I really want to own them all or at least try to.

How much would indy 500 be worth?


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