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2009 has been a good year for the Virtual Boy homebrew-wise. We saw a lot of quality games, demos and apps. Now we want to elect the finest of those for the VB Homebrew of the Year 2009.

We’ll use the same system as for 2008’s Coding Competition, a secret voting, for which every user (registered before 2010) has 10 points, which he can freely distribute to the released projects. The voting will run for 2 weeks until Sunday, 17th, 14:00 CET, then the results will be published.

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Please make sure to select your scores carefully! Once submitted, they can not be changed!

Chrono Trigger Run Demo
Demo by MrSparkle

VB Display Test App
Application by DogP

VUE Snake
Game by KR155E

Game by VirtualChris

Mode 7 Demo
Demo by dasi

Water Ripple Demo
Demo by RunnerPack

Game by KR155E

VB WAV Converter + Sample
Utility by DogP

Yeti3D Demo
Engine Demo by DanB

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“10 points, which he can freely distribute” is like “you have 10 apples which you must distribute to your friends”, right?

Yes, that’s correct.

I’ve not tried everything yet, so will delay my scoring for the moment. A good selection though.


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