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Great to hear that things are moving ahead more-or-less as planned! 🙂

VN 101722047 (Canada Retail) 🙂

I absolutely want one!! 🙂 I really can’t wait… I wonder if we’ll have to supply a cart shell?

This is an interesting question… I think you’re interests shifting over time is perfectly normal; what you seem to be expressing is “regret” over selling your systems and then having to re-buy them. I think it’s important that anyone who is passionate about anything realize that they can “burn out” on their fascination from time to time, and they should take a break and come back to it after a some time away. For instance, Guitarists know that obsessive practice can result in “plateaus” or periods when you feel stale and like you’re not making any progress technically or artistically. It’s generally thought that the best thing you can do when you hit one of these invisible walls is just stop playing guitar for a few weeks and go do something else! In the case of video game collections, I imagine that the secret is not to sell everything in the mean time!! 🙂

I have a wife and a house full of teenage kids. I love video games, but I’m a part-time musician, too. I have four cats I enjoy, I raise tropical fish, I have a house and a yard to care for, and I really enjoy my job. I collect handheld/portable video game systems (yes, the Virtual Boy counts), as well as Classic Horror and Sci-Fi DVDs, that I enjoy on our home theater. Needless to say, due to time restrictions, I have to parcel out what little spare time I have to my hobbies bit by bit. Sometimes this can be a little frustrating but it can also be an advantage, because I don’t really have much opportunity to “overdose” on any one thing. That keeps my interest fresh…

Someone once said, “Everything in moderation. Even moderation.” It can be fun to obsess about a particular thing until you know all there is to know about it, but balance is important too! I’ve found that balancing many interests is ultimately more satisfying than grinding a single obsession to dust and starting on another…

my 2¢ 

palacios25 wrote:

There’s Space Invaders without box, listed under “virtualboy” instead of “Virtual Boy”. I believe it should end at good price, due to the lack of box and the name typo…

If anyone’s wondering about the seller, I’ve bought a number of Wonderswan games from them and had them shipped via the cheapest method ($3.30 shipping fr. Japan!) and I’ve received them all promptly and in great shape. They use good, thick bubble envelopes for shipping, ime. Recommended seller… :thumpup:

KR155E wrote:
guys, the flashboy is finished! yep. i will do a review soon and let you know when and where it is available. 🙂

Yay! I love ROM carts – they make life so simple! Especially for my display systems, as I can have cartridges out on display so that people can see what they looked like, but those who want to play don’t have to figure out how to change the carts – they can just turn the system on and go!

I’m very excited about this… 🙂

Now, if I could just get one for the Wonderswan that doesn’t stick two inches out of the system… >:(

I’m a huge video pinball fan, so Galactic Pinball probably would have convinced me to buy the system back in the day, it I hadn’t been so closed minded about the Virtual Boy on release… A Castlevania game would have sold me the system too – I’m a huge Castlevania fan of both game types – original and Metroid-vania – and I think that the Virtual Boy’s red & black graphics could have been translated into a really cool Castlevania game…

Cool article… It’s nice to see them trying to be even handed about the VB’s chances – I recall most of the gaming press at the time being pretty negative; not as vehemently so as some of the anti-Sony sentiment we’ve seen lately (not that they don’t deserve it) but pretty darn close.

I remember when the Virtual Boy was released… I may have been overly influenced by the Gaming Press at the time, but I was heavily into console gaming and felt the the VB was doomed from the get go, so I never even played one; just wrote it off as a failed experiment… I flirted with the idea of buying one when they were finally being blown out of retailers across the country, but decided I would be better off using the money fro something else…

Anyway, flash forward ten years and I’m putting a handheld video game collection together with my son… We’ve gathered all the usual hardware and stuff over the years, and we decided to put a display together and create a guide-booklet that would have a brief essay about each system in it. Doing the research on the Wonderswan and Game Boy for that booklet, we learned about Gunpey Yokoi, and by extension, the Virtual Boy. After discussing the ins and outs of adding the Virtual Boy, we decided that it deserved a place in our collection by virtue of its designer, and the fact that it runs on batteries, contains its own integrated display and speakers, and was touted as being “portable” to some degree… And so now we’ve got one – it just arrived in the mail today – and I’ve been playing Cosmic Pinball and Mario Tennis and really enjoying it! I’m a big fan video pinball, and the tables in this game are a blast! I especially enjoy Colony so far…

I’m waiting on my first Virtual Boy as well… I picked one up on Ebay a few days back as an addition to by handhelds collection – I justify this because of the Gunpei Yokoi connection, and the fact that it is a dedicated video game system that runs on batteries and has an integrated display. 🙂 Anyway, I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! The three games I’m getting with the system are Mario Tennis, Golf and Galactic Pinball (I love video pinball games!! Devil’s Crush and Metroid Pinball are two of my favorite games, ever!) – I’m sure I’ll be looking for a few more shortly after it arrives…