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Well, written. I don’t have the patience to play any game for 6 days. The only game I’ve played nearly that long is when I played Ocarina of Time for 3-5 hrs. whenever I got home from school when I was in 4th grade. It took me 3 months total to beat that game. I think I’m going to try and beat the Mater Quest sometime….

Anyways, I too congratulate Undead for his insanely high score. Holy shit.

Now the crazy bastard has gotten $137. Also, he posted my piece of Fan/Hate mail, and anyone who feels like reading what I sent him, go to http://www.destroymyvirtualboy.com/mail.php

Man, thats pretty bad. What game was it?

I saw that auction, and my first thought was, “Hahahaha, someone is completely retarded. Who would pay so much for such a common game.” However, other items have been steadily increasing since I first got my VB. I’m curious to see how much Virtual Lab sells for. There is one up on eBay.

“Additionally, I am a physician, obstetrician-gynecologist, I do every day what you would like to (sticking my fingers you know where)”

Thats cool and all, but you have to check out older women during their menopause, if a woman has a problem down there (yeast infection), etc. I prefer having my forays into that area in a different manner (i.e. with a girlfriend) 🙂

Besides, isn’t it possible that I could’ve been gay? I’m not, but hypothetically it was possible. XP

“Holy crap! I doubted that anyone would guess that.”

Yeah, that was a little dumb on my part. It’s just that most of my friends never knew who he was until I told them about him. Only one has so far, and that’s just because R.E.M. has played a live cover of Dark Globe, and possibly another Barrett song.

Oh well, I say we finish this discussion. We both have put our points out there, and we have only said the same thing in each paragraph.

P.S. That’s pretty cool that you’ve stayed into gaming this long. My father had an NES when it was new and he played it non-stop, but now he never plays anything at all. And he’s 20 years younger than you are, for that matter.

Wow, you got your own game published? Wicked awesome! All I have ever done is I programmed a DragonBall Z style Power Level Calculator in QBasic. I was (and still am) a huge[/u][/i] DBZ fan.

And from my previous post, I have to add Earthbound and DragonBall Z ~ Hyper Dimension to the list of SNES games.

Holy crap! I doubted that anyone would guess that. Syd Barrett is an awesome musician. Have you ever heard the Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Album? True Psychadelic masterpiece. Also, my avatar is of a portait of Syd Barrett. And I have my friends at school call me Syd.

Syd Barrett ~ R.I.P.

Anyways, yeah the rare games are way too expensive. I like quite a few from playing them on emulators. Insmouse is good in my opinion, but I can understand why most people don’t like it. Virtual Bowling is only good if you like Bowling games. Space Invaders was just great the first time around, and the VB adds a certain oomph[/i][/u] to it. Although, I don’t actually own it because it costs $200-$300. The disagreement on defeating games does have another side, though. First off, Vertical Force does have a score, so one can walk away with how much they could gather on one play (although the game doesn’t save scores). Plus it means that much more to one who can defeat it. Upon defeating the game, one has a powerful of defeating a powerful enemy.

I think some of our differences in opinions can probably be explained in age difference. You seem to be in your 20’s or possibly 30’s, so you were playing games when the main objective was to get as high as of a score as possible. However, I am 14 and in the 9th grade. My first games were Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. As most to all of you know, the primary objectives in these classic SNES games was to beat the game (DKC didn’t even have a score counter, if I remember correctly). Sadly, my old SNES bit the dust 3-4 years ago (SNES in the hands of a 4 year old and 2 year old younger brother doesn’t last very long) and I had to buy a replacement, which now needs repair because the pin connector has become very[/i][/u] loose. Oh well, I’ve rambled on for way too long now.

Yeah, those prices are pretty good, but it can vary depending on how many and what games come with it. i.e. a virtual boy with the box and everything else is $120, but buying one in that same condition, minus box, with 10 games, it would cost a lot more. Supply and demand can be a bitch, can’t it?

Good points. I can also see the charm in Galactic Pinball, it has held my attention on many otherwise boring car rides. However, I disagree with you on Panic Bomber. True, it is a Tetris clone, but that doesn’t make it bad. And I don’t see it as a puzzle in the guise of an Adventure game, but a puzzle game with a story, although its more like a shallow attempt of a story. And yes, Mario’s Tennis is underrated. The game is great, and was the first I ever played on the Virtual Boy. I have yet to play Mario Clash, but I am a large fan of the original Mario Bros, which Clash is based heavily[/i][/u] upon, so I would probably like the game. Golf is a true bore of a game, and, in my own opinion, so is Baseball. However, Vertical Force is very good. It is a wonderful shooter from a company known for their shooting games. True, the score resetting could be annoying, but really that only applies to certain gamers. It’s comparable to Super Mario Bros. on the NES: There is a score, but most would simply strive to defeat the game.

And the last note you addressed, I couldn’t agree with you more. The technology is perfected enough for a satisfactory experience, but no one really cares anymore. And lots of rare games are really crappy (Virtual Lab, anyone?). However, there are exceptions to the rule: Space Invaders ~ Virtual Collection, Space Squash, Jack Bros, Virtual Bowling (it is if you like bowling games). Also, in my own opinion, I love Insmouse No Yakata. I am one of the few, but I love it.

Well, there’s more of my (possibly unwanted) opinion. 😉

Yeah, I see what you mean. I’m just saying that it would be cool to play these games on a TV throught the Wii’s Virtual Console mode. Plus, we poor people could play all the games we’ll never get a chance to otherwise (SD Gundam, Virtual Bowling, Virtual Lab, etc.) And yeah, lots of games are better than Red Alarm. I greatly prefer Star Fox for SNES in terms of gameplay. However, Wario Land is just a good game. It is better than lots of 2 Dimesnsional Platformers that were released in the 80’s and 90’s. Only Mario, Bonk’s Adventure, and Sonic could possibly compare to it.

[quote=dj AXS]My favourite game of the all consoles is “Radiant Silvergun” on Saturn This Is Cool ^^[/quote]

Holy Crap, you have that game? That is impossible to find.

I can’t choose for just one system, so here’s my pic for each I own:

VB ~ Wario Land, Red Alarm, and Teleroboxer
NES ~ Splatterhouse : Wanpaku Graffitti (Japan only)
SNES ~ Super Mario All-Stars & World
Genesis ~ Splatterhouse 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3
N64 ~ Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time
Gamecube ~ Zelda – Collector’s Edition
Saturn ~ Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Atari 2600 ~ Space Invaders
Atari Jaguar ~ Brutal Sports Football (This is a shitty system)
Odyssey 2 ~ Acrobat
Dreamcast ~ Mortal Kombat Gold
Sega CD ~ Sonic CD
DS ~ Wario Ware : Touched!
PSP ~ Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
Game Gear ~ Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble
Neo-Geo Pocket ~ Bust-A-Move Pocket (Played that game for 6 hrs straight and was pretty much blind for a week)

Well, that sums it up for me. I guess you ccan tell I’m pretty big at collecting Video Games.

I wish I had the money…. I’m too poor for that price. It really is a great price for the game, but I just don’t have that kind of money.

Yeah, a petition would be great if they actually worked 🙁 Regardless, me and my bro were discussing the potentials of the Wii’s “Virtual Console” and VB came up almost immediatley. How awesome would it be to play Red Alarm on a big screen TV? VB Wario Land? Plus the prospect of unreleased VB games is awesome. Then we would know if any of the cancelled games were as good as they were expected to be.

Red Eye. Because playing VB for too long (3 or 4 hrs.) makes my eyes get red and tired.

Some people have no dignity. He should be strapped to a cactus with wet leather straps with no food or water until he dies, and then we charge his family for the straps and the trip to the desert. Regardless, I have an odd kind of respect for him in that he could gather $126 through this.