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Virtual Boy Hardware • System • 1995 Virtual Boy Interactive Display Hardware • Interactive Display E3 1996 Event Winter CES 1995 Event “Blockbuster” launch for Nintendo Virtual Boy Press Release • September 18, 1995 Nintendo announces investment in Reflection Technology Inc. Press Release • January 6, 1995 Nintendo Announces Software Developers for Virtual Boy Press Release • May 11, 1995 NINTENDO DEBUTS 64-BIT GAMING AT E3 Press Release • May 16, 1996 Nintendo introduces video game players to three-dimensional worlds with new virtual reality video game system Press Release • January 6, 1995 Nintendo introduces video game players to three-dimensional worlds with new virtual reality video game system Press Release • November 14, 1994 Nintendo Unveils a “Killer” Line-Up at E3 Press Release • May 11, 1995 Reflection Technology joins Nintendo of America at Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Press Release • January 5, 1995 Virtual Boy Launch Date Announced Press Release • May 11, 1995 Virtual Boy Technical Specifications Press Release • May 15, 1995 Mario’s Tennis Instruction Booklet Manual • Instruction Booklet • United States FlashBoy Plus: The $95 Virtual Boy Flashcart Video Blockbuster Virtual Boy Rental Unit Display Box Album • United States Design Phase Counter Display Prototype Album • Photos, Prototype • United States Virtual Boy Interactive Display Inserts (Small) (USA) Album • Store Display Insert • United States 3-D Tetris GameFAQ Guide • GameFAQ • Version 1.1
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