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@akumieRegistered October 27, 2007Active 2 years ago
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send pm to vb game makers

Try 🙂

Looks nice
A shame it only has 4 games but never the less good job man

Now put the rom in here so hopefully it can be added to the main page as an another finished games by you 😀

Can`t wait to see your next project

How is this game going?
You should really finish this and add another sweet idea to your game making

Since I speak and read Spanish this is cool indeed 😀

Welcome back and good luck. Nice to see you trying hard

I think most VB games should have been in first person. First person Mario, tennis, fps, shmup… would have been cool but only 2 games (teleroboxer and innsmouth no yakata) felt like virtual reality. Games like waterworld and the homebrew racing games also felt somewhat like virtual reality

This one
The one with the pickaxe from Virtual Lab


Add the fairy with an axe or whatever she has from virtual lab. Homebrew characters perhaps

My VB collection

Soon dragon hopper fan art in 1080p coming up haha

Good work man. I love how you make game after game and never give up

Would be better if you post the articles about the VB

No more game setups?

Final price would be nice but sounds very cool

Maybe not $30 but under $50 perhaps but never over $200 like on Ebay lol

I would not mind paying up to $30 for homebrew games on cartridge but I am never going to pay the insane ebay prices https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=virtual+boy&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xvirtual+boy+homebrew.TRS0&_nkw=virtual+boy+homebrew&_sacat=0

Quaze here you go


Well I live in a small 55 square meter apartment and don’t really want to fill a whole room with video game stuff but I have more then enough to play games for hours when I so wish 🙂

Got plenty of emulators on PC as well so not complaining but looks nice what you got

Should get an arcade stick to my systems and play some games hehe


Que viva Algete (Norte de Madrid) donde vivi cuando era pequeño (Enero 1992–Decembre 1998) 😛