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Don’t think the ones at customgamecases.com are it.

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I hope not, cause if someone does know, I suspect I’ll be spending a lot of money on those! 😉

Now, THIS is an old topic! I think I had actually done this previously, but I can’t find the files. My scanner isn’t very good anyway, so I’d like to do it professionally. I know some places won’t do it, because the stuff is copyright (tho that’s probably expired by now). But I’ll check around this week to see who can do it. If I find a print shop that can scan it, they should be able to produce it in one piece, so no photoshop needed. I’ll let you know.

Looks nice, but seems to be much shorter than the original. Why is that?

I did write to RetroOnyx (thru the contact form on his site) a few days ago,. I asked if he had considered offering a package deal for 2 Virtual WarZones, since it works with the link cable. I also mentioned that I want a CIB, but I’d be pretty disappointed if I ordered that and the cart-only shipped ahead of it. Thus far, no response, but I know he’s a one-man shop, and this is holiday time.

You likely paid $19.95 on clearance at Toys-R-Us. All games there were on clearance for $9.95 each, I believe, with just Waterworld and Jack Bros. at either $12.95 or $14.95 – can’t recall for sure.

Are you talking about the US or Japanese version of Mario’s Tennis? The US version was never sold in a box, because it was the pack-in title when you bought the system. Nintendo did print a limited number of Mario’s Tennis boxes (without any inserts), but they were strictly for store display purposes at places like GameStop. So if your friend got a “CIB” US Mario’s Tennis, it’s because someone got a demo box, and put a cart in it. As for a baggie around the cart, I believe that every US (and Japanese) game came from the factory that way.

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That’s some very cool stuff! What is the Game Boy cart?

Maybe 15 years ago, there was a claim by someone that they knew the publisher of a gaming magazine who had received a copy of DH in exchange for putting some other Nintendo game on the cover of his mag one month. A few of us got together and pursued that lead – we asked the middleman to talk to the publisher about it. We told him that, given that the game was supposedly on a proto board, it should be copied onto something more stable to preserve it. The offer was made to send him the equipment to make a copy, and let him keep the copy. The priority was just preserving it with no commitment to share it. The response from the middleman was that the owner of the game wasn’t interested.

Frankly, I got the impression that the middleman was full of crap – there was no DH. But who knows?

I saw an article about this a few weeks ago. Looks good, but I will bet anything that it fails big-time. I would be surprised if they even issue another cart. This type of thing is just too obscure to survive.

Can anyone explain to me why PCBs have those windows on them? Is there a reason they were designed to be so vulnerable to light?

Lester Knight wrote:
I am curious if this story will continue. Paypal siding with you looks good in your behalf. I hope you use that momentum and call a lawyer to go after this person who tried to defraud you.

Great idea in theory, but speaking as a lawyer, totally impractical. He can’t personally pursue criminal charges against the guy (that’s up to police or some other state entity), he can only file a civil action. But since he got his money back, the courts would say the case is moot.

Now, if ebay wants to file a civil action against the guy, they can – they’re the ones who lost money, in the end.

KR155E wrote:
That was most likely just a regular Mario’s Tennis cart with a Blockbuster sticker that had the working title on it. I had one once. Found a photo here: https://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6993&post_id=39477#forumpost39477

Thanks! That definitely makes me feel better. I would have been very disappointed to get that in the mail.

Ethan.Snyder98 wrote:
Anyone else have a story of a crazy deal in the past they missed out on?

Maybe 7 or 8 years ago (?), before prices skyrocketed, a guy posted a listing on ebay with a VB and “Mario’s Dream Tennis.” I wrote to say the proper title was Mario’s Tennis, and he responded that “this one says Mario’s Dream Tennis.” For some reason, I didn’t follow up and bid. Not sure what I was thinking. Can’t even recall if I checked the closing price.

ArcadeDanger wrote:
Neat find! Blockbuster was such a big part of our lives and that’s all gone now…

Not all gone – there’s one remaining in Bend, Oregon. 2 in Alaska closed a year or 2 ago, and the last one in Australia closed last March, leaving just the one in Oregon – the only one in the world. But I’m betting they’re not still renting VB games!

vuefinder83 wrote:
Perhaps these were intended for the managers of Blockbuster and were not intended to be rented out to the public like the cases with the standard handles that fit the security bar were…🤔

LOL – I think you’re way overthinking this! Those may have been a prototype run, or they changed vendors in the middle of production, or they found a bunch of leftover handles somewhere, and decided to use them. I can’t imagine anyone at Nintendo or Blockbuster making a conscious decision to make special handles for managers. But I’ve been wrong before. 😉

Well, I don’t need one, because my case is still in great shape, but I must say that this is pretty damn impressive. Truly a labor of love. Not cheap, but you can definitely see the work involved. And I’m glad to see it’s not an exact replica, because the original should still be distinct.

It’s funny that you say the Japan version can hold all 19 Japanese games – it’s great that you put the space in there for that, but can you see anyone actually stacking their Gundam, SI, VLab and Insmouse in there? 😉

I assume you saw this, tho it doesn’t show how to disassemble it.

Interesting. Don’t think my case has that. How big is it? Where does it go? What kind of paper/adhesive are you using?

I don’t think you can find Spy Hunter or Defender on the WalMart site using ANY keywords, including the exact title they use on their site – “Games Spy Hunter Mini Arcade Game” and “Games Defender Mini Arcade Game”. But if you use the UPC to search, they come up:
Spy Hunter: 885561096408
Defender: 885561096026