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I don’t believe we ever chatted here but I do remember seeing you around. The forums are empty these days but we do all tend to chat on the discord server. https://www.virtual-boy.com/discord/

Blurring stock photos… nice.

Thank you!

Newly updated

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9 years later and my foam crumbled from age, it’s hard to believe how bad it went. But this update is what it now looks like the foam carefully crafted by myself as a replacement.

I like the efforts your are putting forth, it’s nice to demo R-Zone for people.

I bought one; thank you for keeping Richard’s dream alive by giving us the FlashBoy+ again!

This looks amazing! Thank you so much for bringing yet another awesome game to our old friend.

That’s truly surprising, I was starting to think it was yet another aborted home brew.

Did he chose to use the modified Gameboy emulator on it?

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Any update 7 years later 🙂

Wow, I am happy to see that this thread still thrives and yes it’s definitely the most accurate area for information about R-Zone.

ALZO Bod-A-Boom Hands Free Camera Shoulder Mount

If you added the Virtual Boy to camera mount you could totally use this.

Welcome back Thunderstruck!

Any screenshots available for the game?

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The Mario Clash manual art looks awesome.

I haven’t tried it yet but I can say that Oculus Rift gives me extreme dizziness and nausea from which I have literally got sick.

I’ve played Virtual Boy for hours straight and the worst thing that happened is colors for a moment looked an off shade and light seemed way to bright but within moments everything went back to normal.

Virtual Boy is one of the coolest consoles ever made; it really is. It’s only started to achieve its full potential recently though with homebrew as you are aware.
Welcome to the community!

Sad times. 🙁

Nintendo officially discontinued the 3DS.