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@radRegistered February 10, 2010Active 12 years, 2 months ago
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Welcome to Planet Virtual Boy!

Have fun!

A Virtual Boy is not cheap at eBay?
I don’t think so. This great historic system is cheap like a new Nintendo DS. Most games are value for money, too.

I would buy a Virtual Boy at eBay,
(but I still own one 🙂 )

Here is the sreen:

As I wrote to you yesterday, Chris:

Really funny. Thanks for this joke. 🙂

I didn’t seen anything like this before.
Didn’t knew, this is possible.
Well done!

Cool AvatART! 🙂
At your very first day at plantet virtual boy…

Have fun!

I hope, you are right.
I hope, Nintendo will give us a real 3D experience again


“games can be enjoyed with 3D effects” sound NOT like “games will have real 3D graphics” to me…

Maybe, we will get something like this:

Do you really think
“laughing out loud”/”lots of laughing”
is a kind of “gentle corrections”?

My English is’nt well, too. And I would thank everybody who pm me any corrections.
But in this case I don’t see any corrections, only laughing.
And little jokes about “well” spoken English.

But over all: no matter to start Word War III now 😉

TheForce81 schrieb:

Please cut this guy a break lol…

Why doing that?

I don’t remember the former look of this side.
But the current design is pretty good – I like it!

Everbody is free to try a better design on his OWN sides 😛

We all are not paying guests of the great and only Kr155e!
On your knees! Pay homage to him!

e5frog schrieb:
We really should discuss these things before you go and swap domain like that… 😉

Sorry, but I don’t think so.
Chris: feel free to rename this domain as you like it – we will follow you 😉

KR155E schrieb:
“PVB” is how I refer to this site most of the times.

p-vb.com is available.

Close enough to the wished domain?

e5frog schrieb:

You can use a USB-charger that plugs in your wall outlet and power your V.B.

Thank you for the hint.
But is this a real safe, real good tested way to use the flashboy?
Did YOU ever use your flashboy this way?

(Don’t think I’m a wiener – but I really LOVE my virtual boy and I’m not interested in killing him…)

KR155E schrieb:
Are you sure the FlashBoy drains more power than a standard cart? I made no tests, but I always thought it was the other way round.

Yes, I’m sure MY flashboy uses much more power than other cards do. First sixpack of batterys was empty after only one hour and the batterys got pretty warm.

In 48 hours I used more batterys I bought in the whole month before.

Now I have to wait for the adaptor tap :rolleyes
But this is no problem to me. I’m so happy to own the flashboy.

Cool stuff! :thumpup:

KR155E schrieb:
pvb.com would be so perfect. 🙁

Yes? Perfect like “gbl.com” ?


If you are not familiar with all this, pvb sounds like vr32 to me. It’s telling nothing.

Thats really sad.

I already got my own flashboy – it’s a pretty cool stuff!
Only “mistake”: batterys are empty very fast. So I wait for my own adaptor tap – and everything becomes alrigt!

KR155E schrieb:
If you’re new to one site and not used to the domain, which sounds better? bg28.ch or gameboyland.com?

Yes, you are right. But in this example the new domain is:

The real home of this side should be
or maybe better “planet-virtual-boy.com”

Both domains are still available…

Pretty cool! You donate 10 Euros to PVB – enough for the new domain.
Well done!

Why not one more (!) address?
I’ll use “vr32.de” in the future, too.

Chris was able to buy an additional address because so many users donate so much money, I think.


Thanks a lot – vielen Dank!

My VirtualBoy has the number

VN10543154 9 (US retail)