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@richardlpRegistered September 2, 2011Active 7 months, 1 week ago
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I have many memories about this console when did sell here Mexico, alway I want one but can’t buy, now I have one and can play every games! 😉

Good work, you can continue working for make more
improvements :thumpup:

Great! to test how work!

Yes it is, and N64 have 18 too, happy birthday Virtual boy!

I did think commercial europe was strange,but this I don’t understain really!

The big mistake was only red led, because color used more battery, but almost all used adaptader AC, then was problem? if we used AC adapter dont batterys, VB in color was very very cool!

is more chip then another stuff from virtualboy! :vb:

The VB look cool in this commercial, I hope traduce this video after! :thumpup:

Wow y a cool prototype page 2 first scan, looks like some picture fx 90s!

We acept virtualboy is was a bad console but not in 2 place!

Very nice picture, I will like be there museum!

Red and black is a good idea!

Nice job, congratulations! :thumpup:

I still hope that, is a very cool idea, a will like some graphics but with color, super!

wow, is amazing, thank’s so muchs benjamin!

I don’t think some like you protoman, sony want every money from disk nintendo station, may be is better idea if nintendo never haved deals with sony for that sistem!

very nice picture jajaja!

same all your coments I think too!
immersion is very nice
you don’t do it any more task in game
sound is very surround
have a one VB is be a one special gamer, anybody have other!

I think too watch VB in the TV more people could did know more games from VB in begin time sell VB

hi mawa, I am interest in a one box for VB, tellme please for PM include shipping